the october-november tour of japan was --apart from anything else--the most musically invigorating tour i have perhaps ever done. some really fresh, challenging situations. i am very grateful indeed to be able to play with certain japanese musicians, including in music the great dancer min tanaka. the more i go there, the more i feel connected, and the more stupid it feels not being able yet to figure out how to play more with some of those i worked with. somehow i will have to find a way to change the tour scheduling so that i can play more with certain of those artists. let's see,,......,(( hear what i mean? )))

​"the spirit guide" with urs leimgruber on creative works records.

this is the second cd released by urs and me, recorded live at the piednu in le havre with great clarity by emmanuel lalande in 2012. 

One on euphorium records EUPH 047: "leipzig, berlin, london" with axel dorner trumpet and ra radaboff electric organs. my first recording with all --live in leipzig 2013. a very nice mix of clean detail and clear expanse.

2 on the japanese DOUBT label. " live at superdeluxe " is a duo with otomo yoshihide guitar recorded in tokyo 19 feb 2015. a blazing duo and always a pleasure (( i played first with otomo in macau, china with carlos zingaro in the mid 1990's)). more full-on than the earlier duo cd for fataka "the last train".

"live at hall egg farm" is a trio with otomo and the incredible pianist satoh masahiko, recorded at  saitama, japan 21 feb 2015. the trio music is full of spark and interplay. i was asked by saito san ( owner and curator ) to play for 10 minutes  leading into the trio. a solo and an intro are very different and i would personally have shortened it to a couple of minutes !! but there it is. check a young satoh san on youtube in new york whipping steve gadd and eddie gomez into action. my apologies for a lack of alphabetical order for the musicians on the cd covers, but it was not my doing...,..,.

" blood samples"  on the fmr label from the cabinet trio, with frode gjerstad alto saxophone and Bb clarinet, and borre molstad tuba, recorded live at the blow-out festival , oslo august 2013. despite its death-metal cover, the cd's music takes on something of a free jazz language but offers its speed with both detail and texture.

"berlin kinesis" with  the WTTF quartet : phil wachsmann, pat thomas, alexander frangenheim, and rt.,.,.,.,recorded in berlin, august 2014 at studioboerne 45.  beautiful quartet music with an absorbing eutectic quality.

" beuys's knees " a solo LP recorded live at the white cube gallery, london as part of christian marclay's show there. a white cube/vinyl factory production in limited edition. the meazzi pedal tom and various bits of metal, paper, cardboard and broken glass were featured ...... but not all at once.