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tim hodgkinson--- horizontal guitar, electronics, and clarinet 

thomas lehn--- analogue synth 

rt --- drumset and percussion

where do you want to go ?

let the konks take you......


alexander frangenheim --- double bass

michel doneda --- soprano saxophone

rt --drumset, percussion

the trio was formed somewhere in the midst of the covid years, and has played two tours of germany, austria, switzerland, and france, from which a cd ---live in ulrichsberg --- was released. whilst being acutely aware of nuance, it's a band that manages to subvert easy comfort.



christoph gallio --- soprano, alto and c-melody saxophones

rt ---drumset and percussion

a new duo formed when CG had a residency in london 2022. we are getting out in the world soon and a cd will be released before the end of the year.


monicker ---trio with scott thompson montreal trombone, arthur bull nova scotia guitar, rt--london.

we first played in halifax, canada, november 2017, and played a seven-date tour of eastern canada in june 2018.

the trio recorded in the pines studio in montreal for a  cd "spine" on the montreal ambiences magnetique label. very nice stuff......,melodic insects with add-ons,,,,, and very enjoyable to play in too.


chris biscoe----alto, soprano saxophones  

kazuhisa uchihashi ---- guitar and daxophone

rt ----  drumset and percussion

we played our first concert in the cafe oto, london, at the end of 2022, from which a cd will be released. the band will be playing a short tour in october 2023, starting here in london and then over to mainland europe. it's a trio negotiating the acoustic--electric minefield with a certain lack of restraint..........

THE CROAKS ---- martin kuchen, martin klapper, rt

we played in april 2018 in norway, sweden, and after covid in poland. a cd ---"one of the best bears" ---was released featuring mr klapper's great sensitised wall of sound and mr kuchen's vibrant crow-squawk. a special band indeed.

DUO with Phil Minton ---- always up for something special, the duo has lived for 40 years or so, having performed across the u.s.a. and canada a few times, and throughout europe often. a sensitised dynamic of auditory mischief, at once a celebration and a fight.


plus the minton quartet----phil minton, veryan weston, john butcher, rt


masahiko satoh ---piano 

otomo yoshihide--- electric guitar  

rt----- drumset, percussion 

this trio has worked in tokyo since 2015. we released a cd "live at hall egg farm" for doubt records, recorded at the legendary saito san's concert hall. masahiko satoh played and recorded with nearly all the eminent new york jazz musicians of the late 70's and 80's.  otomo plays guitar in this trio, and it can all fire with a real sense of musical danger. the band played a short tour of europe in april-may 2023. a double cd may come from this, which would in fact be the third release of the trio.


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