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monicker ---trio with scott thompson montreal trombone, arthur bull nova scotia guitar, rt--london.

we first played in halifax, canada, november 2017, and played a seven-date tour of eastern canada in june 2018.

the trio recorded in the pines studio in montreal for a  cd "spine" on the montreal ambiences magnetique label. very nice stuff......,melodic insects with add-ons,,,,, and very enjoyable to play in too.

duo with imai kuzuo---  this is a new duo with the fantastic japanese guitarist kazuo imai, who plays a spanish nylon string guitar in this situation. kazuo san has a long history in japanese improvisation having worked alongside takehisa kosugi in the legendary taj mahal travellers in the 1970's, and again in 1976 setting up the east bionic symphonia. the duo have a double cd release "molecules" on the ftarri label. they have worked so far in japan in tokyo and sapporo 2017 and 2018. the duo exhibits a kind of surreal, slapstick automatism with passages of intense technique and speed. it's a real pleasure to play with kazuo san.

the croaks ---- martin kuchen, martin klapper, rt

we're new. we played in april 2018 in norway, sweden, and are working out a cd. great band featuring mr klapper's great sensitised wall of sound and mr kuchen's vibrant crow-squawk

konk pack---tim hodgkinson, thomas lehn 

duo with Phil Minton

plus the minton quartet----phil minton, veryan weston, john butcher, rt

trio with masahiko satoh , otomo yoshihide , rt--- this trio has worked in tokyo over the last 4 years. we released a cd "live at hall egg farm" for doubt records, recorded at the legendary saito san's concert hall. masahiko satoh played and recorded with nearly all the eminent new york jazz musicians of the late 70's and 80's. he's a great piano player. otomo plays guitar in this trio, and it can  all fire with a real sense of musical danger.

cartoon---- with chris biscoe and john pope----alto saxophone and alto clarinet, double bass and drumset ---- a new free jazz-based band, with a malleable fluid melodic line. the trio formed for a concert in newcastle , december 2017 that felt very nice indeed.  the trio has something to say. it worked throughout the u.k and last played some concerts in northern italy in december, also recording as a 6 piece band with italians giancarlo schiaffini, walter prati , guido armaroli…,.,,.,.,.it's essentially an acoustic trio, and likes to play between fast low volume new jazz and a european improvising sensibility. there should be a cd due for release later in 2019. this band's great to play in !!


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