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the croaks ---- martin kuchen, martin klapper, rt

we're new. we played in april 2018 in norway, sweden, and are working out a cd. great band featuring mr klapper's great sensitised wall of sound and mr kuchen's vibrant crow-squawk


Roger Turner (UK): drums and percussion

Martin Klapper(CZ/DK): amplified objects, toys and small electronics

Martin Küchen(SWE): sopranino - and soprano saxophones, snare drum

”The croaks almost stumbled across each other after failing to attend a speech given by

a dear lost friend. Actually it wasn’t a speech, more the reading of a short letter, and
because this reading wasn’t made publically, attendance was difficult to plan.The letter
wasn’t in fact from a close friend either, though we are sure he would fully understand
the nature of distance and how close we might almost have been. The letter contained a
poem written under the title : recent croaks---please find enclosed recent croaks---- and
was accompanied by a small cheque made out to a small literary organisation. The letter
was handed to a member of the trio, and duly very nearly remembered before being
passed on as a band title. The poem was very short and signed sam.”

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