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‘he has a virtuosity as astounding as it is inexplicably hilarious. i have rarely heard such an exquisite combination of volcanic power and finely- honed precision.’ the wire 1986


"one of the giants of free improvisation" the wire 2001.


"totally upended the cliché that great british drummers are rare to non-existent."  the wire  2008


"can begin a roll on the toms and end it on your Ming- dynasty vase…a drummer who defies any categorisation; his complex artistry could easily rack the brains of the unprepared…" Touching extremes 2006


“ il faut dire que roger turner est un diable d’homme, dont la longue experience n’a pas affecte l’energie d’un iota, et que son apropos, sa presence et son intelligence relationelle en font un personnage indispensable de la scene improvisee.” Impro jazz 2009


佐藤允彦を迎えてのトリオ。ここでは三者が一体になってスパークするシーンと繊細なロジャーのパーカッション・ワークに合わせた美しい音楽が立ち上がるシーンが交互に表出される上、最初はロジャーのソロ、次に大友とのデュオ、最後に佐藤が加わったトリオ、と聴きどころ満載で、60分間全く飽きさせない演奏が展開される。 (C)RS (Billboard Japan)

Interviews: impetus magazine; wire magazine; coda magazine...

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